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Deep Dive Spirituality Group Coaching

Deep Dive Spirituality Group Coaching is Brian's premier coaching program for pastors and spiritually minded leaders.

You don't know where you will be in 3–5 years but decide that you will grow even 
-- deeper in your spiritual formation and emotional health
--more knowledgeable in Scripture and theology
--wiser in your use of time, words, and power
--healthier in your lifestyle so that you can serve God for the long haul.

Deep Dive Spirituality is a group coaching experience designed specifically for you to help you build up and strengthen spiritual muscles that you didn't even know you had. 

You'll enjoy new levels of growth through:

–Deepening your relationship with God and your experience of God’s grace and love apart from the "unholy Trinity" of fear, guilt, and shame

–Building new spiritual muscles by honestly owning both your strengths and weaknesses, your talents and your flaws

–Cultivating life enhancing habits rooted in ancient practices that are uniquely designed for your personality and that serve your highest and best self

–Taking immediate control of your time and learning to move through overwhelm and hidden fears

–Creating long-term goals for a truly abundant life–goals that rekindle your sense of mission and will pull you forward in your growth in love

–Transforming your study into times that feed your soul, mind, and body

–Gaining new interpretive skills from an award winning teacher of biblical studies

–Uncovering and experiencing transformation and healing for your deepest wounds that are sapping you of energy and joy

–Growing into the person God created you to be in a dynamic group experience that you can then replicate in your ministry context to expand your impact on the world

–Working with a small group of like-minded pastors and spiritual leaders to create solutions to your most difficult challenges in ministry

Dr. Brian Russell (Ph.D.) has worked with hundreds of pastors over the last twenty years as a professor of biblical studies and as a coach. He brings a unique combination of passion for deep spiritual formation and personal growth and his expertise in biblical studies to create a powerful coaching experience that will overdeliver immediate results in your life and ministry.

We'll meet twice monthly as a group on Zoom for about an hour for a deep dive into helping you grow deeper spiritually, focus on what matters most to you, and gain new tools and insights for kingdom building leadership.

Bonus #1: Each quarter you'll also experience a deep 1 on 1 coaching session with Dr. Brian Russell where you can work in private to advance your growth goals.

Bonus #2: Access to a growing library of tools and studies that you can use in your ministry.

All this for your investment of $375/Quarter ($125 per month).


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Deep Dive Coaching–
Spring Board (Level 1)

Launching in September 2022: Sign up for information today to be part of the first cohort

This monthly Program is designed specifically to help you gain focus/clarity for your life and ministry and create a spiritual life plan to help you live more fully as the person God created you to be. 


If you commit a full year to the program and take action on the monthly growth tools and challenges, you will have:


  1.  Grown deeper into the person God created you to be in a dynamic group experience that you can then replicate in your ministry context to expand your impact on the world;

  2.  Crafted a personalized spiritual formation plan of rhythms and habits to fuel you daily for your growth in love for God and neighbor;

  3.  Uncovered hidden and unconscious blocks and patterns that hinder your growth and joy in the Lord;

  4.  Designed a life and ministry vision that can guide you and keep you focused on your highest values and sense of calling for the long haul;

  5.  Gained a set of coaching tools that will impact you immediately and that you can then use for the life of your ministry to serve powerfully those whom you mentor and disciple;

  6.  Created long-term goals for a truly abundant life–goals that rekindle your sense of mission and –goals that will pull you forward in your growth in love

  7. Networked with other growth minded pastors who are equally committed to lifelong learning and deep spiritual transformation



  1. Brian's Four week video bible study on Philippians that can be used in small groups or Sunday school classes in your local church;

  2. Brian’s Guide to Studying the Bible;

  3. Kindle version of Brian’s 2015 release (re)Aligning with God: Reading Scripture for Church and World

  4. Special pricing on one on one coaching with Brian: 30 minutes @ $55 or 60 minutes @ $100;

  5. Invitations to special deep dive events;

  6. Opportunities to hear about and read Brian’s latest books before they are public

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Personal One on One Missional Formation Coaching with Brian

Are you hungry and highly motivated to grow even deeper in your spiritual formation and ability to lead and serve powerfully in God's mission? 

Brian coaches a select number of spiritually minded leaders, professionals, and pastors. 

Individual 60 minute session: $200 



Diving Board (4 Sessions for $700)

Full Submersion (12 sessions for $1800) 

Deep Dive Exploration (24 sessions for $3250)

Packages are renewable. Payment plans are available for Full Submersion and Deep Dive Exploration. Otherwise full payment is due in advance of the first session.


Click below to schedule a discovery call with Brian to see if Deep Dive Spirituality Coaching is a good fit for you.

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Workshops, Retreats and Speaking/Preaching

Available for In Person or Virtual Events

Invite Dr. Brian Russell to speak or lead your next workshop, worship service, small group or retreat. Brian is an award winning teacher and a passionate and clear communicator. He will exceed your expectations and leave your audience wanting even more.

He has the unique ability to teach deep truths in ways that are practical, transformational, and easy to digest.

Here are some Popular Presentations:

Centering Prayer: How Sitting Quietly in God's Presence Can Change your Life


Creating Healthy Spiritual Rhythms for Thriving and Flourishing as the Person God Created You to Be


A Life that Demands Explanation: Five Questions for Living the Life of God's Dreams


(re)Aligning with God: God's GPS for Your Life


Critical Shifts for Embracing God's Mission in the 21st Century

Topics on Scripture and Missional Formation:

(1) Finding Your Place in God's Story.

(2) Reading the Psalms as the Prayerbook for God's Missional People

(3) Exodus: Liberated For God

(4) Workshop: Learning the Practice of Inductive Bible Study for Personal Transformation

Contact Brian for Availability and Pricing.