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Showing Up in the World After Your Centering Prayer Sessions

Centering prayer over time will change how you show up in the world.

Centering prayer teaches us to surrender our thoughts/feelings/perceptions/interpretations. This is our side of the practice. This same act of surrender can flow into our daily lives outside of our practice.

When you come out of your prayer closet or space, set the same intention to treat those souls whom you'll encounter in the same manner as you honor your time in silence with God.

Use your prayer word whenever you realize you are not giving the soul in front of you your full attention.

You'll be more present with those whom you love the most and carry a positive loving energy into all of your interactions.

Have in mind this intention: "Show Up. Pay attention. God has way more invested in this than I do." I learned this quotation from Bob Tuttle (my friend, mentor and former colleague at Asbury Seminary).

What do you think?

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